Largest Bank in CEE Region to Enter Metaverse

PKO Bank Polski, the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe, wants to be the regional leader in the area of banking in Metaverse. It has moved one of the most recognizable buildings in the capital of Poland into the meta world, where it has set up its virtual branch on the Decentraland platform.

The endeavor will be used as a laboratory to broaden experience and to test relevant technological solutions. According to Paweł Gruza, vice president of the management board of PKO Bank Polski managing the work of the management board, in the perspective of a decade, Metaverse may become such a development impulse for the global economy as the emergence of a PC, internet and smartphones in the past.

“I would like PKO Bank Polski to be ready to make use of the opportunities related to it, and when Metaverse has matured, to set the rhythm in the technological development of the domestic banking sector and the Polish economy – as it has done before. That is why we have decided to enter the Metaverse world and to launch our first branch there,” said Gruza in a press release.

The bank plans to use the virtual branch to build knowledge and experience which will be used for the development of its business. PKO Bank Polski also wishes to see in practice what other possibilities are offered to the banks by the presence in the meta worlds.

The bank expects that in the first place, its virtual branch may be used for onboarding new employees and training. Due to the shift to the mode of hybrid work, such a solution could allow for improved onboarding of the new personnel.

In parallel, the bank will test the possibilities of creating a new channel of communication with the clients. In the perspective of the next decade, it also will pursue solutions related to confirmation of the client’s identity in meta worlds and is going to test the possibilities of offering banking products there.

The bank attaches great significance to R&D activities and cooperation with start-ups. It offers them mentoring and the possibility of scaling the solution on a group of 11 million clients. This cooperation takes place via its platform,

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