Kwikbit’s Wireless Broadband Answers Remote Work Need

Kwikbit, a leader in wireless broadband is addressing a burgeoning market in the United States, delivering its low-cost, gigabit internet solution to manufactured housing communities. In early December, the company completed an installation at Alimur Mobile Home Park in Santa Cruz, California. Alimur is a precursor to aggressive 2022 expansion plans for the company, which forecasts 48 installations across six states in the next year.

As Americans require greater bandwidth for remote work, remote learning and telehealth, an affordable and scalable solution has proven elusive. Cable lacks the required performance and fiber to the home (FTTH) is costly and time consuming for the last mile. Kwikbit’s proprietary 60ghz wireless solution, or WiGig, delivers fiber-like performance at a small fraction of the cost and time to install fiber.

The federal $1 trillion infrastructure spending package allocates nearly $65 billion to increasing broadband access. Without affordable, innovative, and commercially viable last mile solutions, these programs will not address the promise of broadband for all.

Through its manufactured housing initiative, Kwikbit is narrowing the Digital Divide by delivering affordable broadband to the largest swath of affordable housing in the United States.

“Our last mile advantages are critical, allowing us to efficiently deliver into sectors like manufactured housing, which have been largely ignored by legacy carriers,” said Kwikbit CEO Joe Costello. “This is a very forward-looking sector. Every owner we are engaged with, whether independent (Alimur) or top five nationally sees the importance and urgency of reliable, low-cost broadband for their residents. It’s a terrific fit.”

Kwikbit offers a turnkey broadband service to its customers. The service is $50 a month and includes all installation, equipment and comes with no contract.

“Truthfully, our early challenge was convincing customers that we’re actually delivering gigabit internet for $50 and with no hidden fees!  But we do it every day,” Costello said.