Kasm Adds Windows Support to DaaS, VDI & App Streaming

Kasm Technologies, an industry leader in streaming cloud workloads to the web browser, announced Microsoft Windows Desktop Support in Kasm Workspaces v1.12. This capability provides additional flexibility for creating digital workspaces in the portfolio for Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Open-Source Intelligence Collection (OSINT), Training/Sandboxes, and Containerized Application Streaming (CAS).

Kasm Workspaces supports Workspace creation, session handling and rendering for servers over the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or KasmVNC protocols, including support for Microsoft Windows.

  • External VMs – Systems can be fixed assets or auto-scaled with the Workspaces dynamic cloud scaling feature.
  • Server Pools – Servers can be pooled, allowing Workspaces to treat the pool as a single Workspace and load distribute user sessions to the pool, such as when referring to an external hypervisor.
  • Kasm Windows Service – An optional companion Windows service that provides the ability to upload/download files to the desktop when enabled by group settings.
  • Windows Workstation and Server Support – Windows is supported across the product line, with compatibility across Windows 10, Windows 11, and Server 2019.

“Kasm Workspaces can now be leveraged to provide access to all assets in the enterprise, in addition to our innovative containerized desktops.,” said Matt McClaskey, Kasm Technologies CTO, “By adding Windows support, our customers are able to consolidate to a single web-native, devops-enabled and highly resource efficient remote workspace platform.”

This code is complemented by the Kasm Workspaces open-source images that are available directly through Kasm’s Docker Verified Publisher images on DockerHub in Technical Collaboration with Docker. And industry partnerships, such as Collaboration with SUSE.

The v1.12 software release can be downloaded at: https://www.kasmweb.com/downloads

Kasm also announced a partnership with Rogers Capital Technology, a provider of IT and telecommunication services in Mauritius and mainland Africa, to provide on-demand virtual desktops, secure remote access and browser isolation technology to power its Oriyel Digital Workplace offering.

The Kasm Remote Workspaces technology provides desktop/application-on-demand capabilities and zero-trust secure remote access capabilities used by the Oriyel platform to enable employees to work remotely in compliance with corporate policy and without the risk of data compromises.

The Oriyel on-demand desktop and application solution uses container-streaming technology along with an advanced graphics rendering capability to allow your remote workforce to access corporate resources remotely and securely. Since your data is processed within the Oriyel zero-trust platform, rather than on the remote users workstation, there is no risk of data exfiltration out of the system or malware compromise into the system.

The partnership brings the latest in Kasm Digital Workplace technology to the existing Rogers Capital Technology portfolio to provide an end-to-end communications solution that allows organizations to reduce infrastructure/IT costs, increase regulatory compliance and mitigate the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

For a real-time on-demand demo, go here: https://app.kasmweb.com/#/cast/desktop-as-a-service

For a video introduction on how the Oriyel offering enables remote work from any location and on any device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNNLQPPt_jU

Learn more about how Oriyel supports the Rogers Capital Technology “Everything as a Service” (XaaS) model: https://rogerscapital.mu/everything-as-a-service/