JustAnswer’s ‘Curiosity Report’ Unveils 2021’s Top Trending Topics

JustAnswer, an online platform connecting people with doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, mechanics and other experts for real-time professional help, unveiled 2021’s top trending topics according to number of questions per topic received on the site this year.

The top 10 expert categories on JustAnswer by number of questions in 2021 included:

Homeopathy, etiquette, antique appraisals, financial software and dream interpretation were among the topics that saw the biggest year-over-year growth, according to an analysis of more than 3.1 million questions fielded by experts between January 1, 2021, and December 20, 2021.

In addition, according to the JustAnswer 2021 Year in Review Curiosity Report, people were curious about bird health (+48 percent), reptile behavior (+17 percent), smartphones (+169 percent) and office equipment (+96 percent).

Some interesting highlights from the data include:

  • Laptops (+56 percent ),smartphones (+169 percent ) and financial software (+175 percent) gained steam – As remote work remained the reality for a huge number of people in 2021, and the number of questions related to work-oriented technology on JustAnswer reflected this reality. At the same time, it seems that increased in-person socializing post-vaccine could be dimming the impulse to retreat into a dark bedroom for video games.
  • Etiquette questions surged 65 percent and wedding questions rose 30 percent
  • Dream interpretation questions rose 19 percent
  • Homeopathy questions increased 108 percent
  • Homework help questions fell 22 percent – As schools opened back up for in-person learning, students (and parents) were less apt to seek help from online experts with class assignments or tricky math problems.
  • Boats questions declined 16 percent – but RV questions grew by 27 percent
  • Firearms questions declined 39 percent

“The past two years since the start of the pandemic have shown unprecedented growth on JustAnswer, with millions of people around the world visiting our site to find answers and advice from vetted and verified professionals,” said Andy Kurtzig, CEO and founder of JustAnswer. “Our experts answered more than 3.1 million questions – and reviewing some of the patterns in these questions can tell us a lot about what’s really worrying people at any given time. Or where people are most in genuine need of fast and affordable help.”

Kurtzig noted that JustAnswer is recruiting to hire additional experts in some of the high growth categories to fulfill increased demand. For example, antique and collectibles specialists, accountants, veterinarians (particularly for exotic animals) and tech support experts are at the top of the list for JustAnswer hiring in 2022.

For a full rundown on the Top 10 fastest growing categories for questions in 2021 along with a collection of the most random and off-the-wall queries of the year, visit https://www.justanswer.com/blog/justanswer-2021-year-end-curiosity-report.