JupiterOne Expands Platform with Integrations for Hybrid Infrastructure

JupiterOne, a cyber asset analysis company, announces today a platform expansion focused on expanding customer capabilities by managing on-premises assets and making it easier for teams outside of security to use and benefit from the platform.

With the market settling into hybrid infrastructure as the norm and an increasing interest in asset visibility and analysis by product and operations teams, JupiterOne has delivered a trio of features to support these emergent use cases. The J1 On-Premises Collector, Unified Device Matrix dashboard and an AI-powered natural language search bring the power of the JupiterOne platform to new environments and organizations.

  • The J1 On-Premises Collector extends JupiterOne’s reach into privately managed environments, allowing asset data from on-premises environments and private clouds to be ingested and analyzed. This will allow customers to expand the scope of assets and infrastructure they are able to manage in JupiterOne, providing them with the tools necessary to protect all their assets within one unified solution.
  • The AI-powered natural language search makes getting answers from JupiterOne more approachable for all teams. Users can ask a question like “Show me all laptops without anti-virus software installed” and the AI translates that into a specific J1 query on the fly. This enables teams to benefit from the asset insights generated by JupiterOne without having to become a JupiterOne power user. AI also is used to provide remediation guidance for compliance and security violations found in JupiterOne, based on best practices and the organization’s infrastructure.
  • Unified Device Matrix provides users with an easy-to-use, all-in-one device management dashboard. Device management solutions often are rife with errors and duplicated instances being reported by a multitude of asset data sources. Device View solves these technical challenges to provide a clean and trustworthy view into an organization’s devices and proceeds to layer on additional integrations that enable critical device management use cases, such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) agents, anti-virus software and device management agents.

The evolution of market trends has reinforced the importance of comprehensive asset analysis and the ability to provide security for a range of devices. These product enhancements infuse intelligence into asset management responsibilities, elevating them to asset analysis, which provides critical insights about an organization’s attack surface.

For more information, visit www.jupiterone.com/.