Juniper Adds Edge CASB, DLP Capabilities to Simplify SASE

Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, announced the expansion of its SASE offering with the addition of cloud access security broker (CASB) and advanced data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities to its Juniper Secure Edge solution. When combined with Juniper’s SD-WAN solution driven by Mist AI, Juniper offers a full-stack SASE solution with visibility into the edge and the data center.

By building on its Secure Edge solution, Juniper provides customers with a secure and operationally efficient way to adopt a SASE architecture, regardless of where they are in their SASE journey. Additionally, customers can connect their SASE architecture at the edge to their zero-trust data center architecture under the same management UI and single-policy framework, eliminating breaks in visibility and gaps in security posture while delivering on the promise of Juniper’s Connected Security strategy.

“The biggest challenge with SASE solutions today is that they require organizations to abandon existing technology investments that are working for them, forcing them to start from scratch and rebuild zero trust principles into a new architecture,” said Samantha Madrid, group VP of Security Business & Strategy, Juniper Networks. “Now, with the addition of CASB and DLP, Juniper addresses these concerns with a full-stack SASE suite of capabilities that are flexibly adopted and deployed while extending Zero Trust principles already implemented across the network to the cloud.”

Juniper delivers CASB and DLP to secure SaaS applications and help prevent unwanted access, malware delivery and distribution, and data exfiltration. Both capabilities are part of Juniper’s Secure Edge cloud-delivered security solution managed by Security Director Cloud, which secures remote users and on-premises users. It manages zero trust and SASE architectures through one management portal using a single-policy framework. With the addition of CASB and DLP to Juniper Secure Edge, customers experience these benefits:

  • Prevent unauthorized access to data residing in the cloud by allowing only validated users to have access.
  • Expand visibility for IT operations and security teams with DLP by creating identity-based micro-perimeters around users, SaaS applications and the data within them, and keeping sensitive and confidential data within the organization safe.
  • Protect SaaS applications from compromise by controlling user actions on a granular level, scanning all existing and new files within SaaS applications for malware and preventing the upload and download of the compromised files.
  • Take a stepwise approach to SASE. Organizations can leverage their existing SRX security policies and extend them to their SASE architecture with Secure Edge to meet their business needs as they expand their SASE footprint.

The addition of CASB and DLP to Secure Edge builds on Juniper’s experience. Juniper Secure Edge provides full-stack SSE capabilities, including firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) and secure web gateway (SWG), in a single software stack managed by Security Director Cloud. This protects web access and provides users with consistent and secure access to their data and applications.

By offering a full-stack SASE solution, Juniper builds on its vision to deliver a seamless SASE experience powered by AI and create a converged networking and security framework where security is extended to every point of connection, creating a truly threat-aware network.