JumpCloud for MSPs Empowers Managed Service Providers

The trademarked Open Directory Platform provider JumpCloud Inc. has launched another trademarked product, JumpCloud for MSPs, which that solves the biggest challenges and business imperatives for managed service providers (MSPs). JumpCloud for MSPs is designed for the contemporary IT environment: identity-centric, cloud-native and vendor agnostic. At the heart of JumpCloud for MSPs is JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP), a solution that enables MSPs to manage all their clients from a single pane of glass.

With the offering, JumpCloud partners will be able to:

  • Improve efficiency and security by unifying core management capabilities
  • Increase margins and lower costs with a unified platform and partner program pricing, with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 6x less than piecemealed solutions
  • Increase customer satisfaction and ease of use with a platform that reduces tech sprawl and unifies point solutions into a modern Open Directory Platform

MSPs face complex, business friction and squeezed margins that spring from patchworked solutions cobbled over years of rapid tech change. They have tried to consume the explosion of point products that often are unable to solve for device, identity and access needs. Additionally, they leverage flawed password management approaches that rely on human intervention – leaving gaping security holes. JumpCloud for MSPs addresses these pressures and shortcomings directly with:

  • A powerful MTP that centralizes the control and management of multiple organizations from one dashboard
  • Professional Service Automation (PSA) billing and ticketing integrations
  • A single pane of glass for alerts
  • User management controls
  • Centralized billing capabilities
  • A partner program that offers marketing collateral, sales support, premium support, and special pricing specifically for MSPs

“We heard from hundreds of MSPs around the world that they wanted a solution that will help them improve and maintain the security of their customers, designed with MSPs in mind,” said Antoine Jebara, general manager of MSP products, JumpCloud. “MSPs said they wanted us to rethink how we engage them at every business level. JumpCloud for MSPs addresses fundamental concerns for our MSP partners from onboarding to billing to password management and everything in between. This empowers MSPs to reduce their operating costs, increase their margins, and improve their security. With JumpCloud, our partners can fill gaps in their tech stack and add critical new functionality without having to rip and replace any solution that is currently in place.”

Alongside the launch of JumpCloud for MSPs, the company also announced the launch of its trademarked JumpCloud Password Manager to enhance and strengthen password management for customers and MSPs. The JumpCloud Password Manager gives IT admins and MSPs better controls and enables users to manage passwords and collaborate across multiple users and groups without compromising security. With JumpCloud Password Manager, IT admins and MSPs can be assured users can access critical resources securely, while reducing the overhead of forgotten passwords, security risks, and lockouts.  Click here to learn more about JumpCloud Password Manager.

MSPs can create a free account and gain access to the MTP and all other features included in JumpCloud for MSPs here.