Inteliquent Works with AWS to Deliver Clear Phone Calls

Inteliquent, a provider of cloud communications solutions for voice, messaging and emergency services, is implementing the noise suppression capabilities of the Amazon Chime SDK in its voice network.

This machine learning capability, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), improves the clarity of phone calls by reducing unwanted background noises and by focusing on the human voice.

By improving the intelligibility of enterprise and call center customer communications, customers can increase productivity while reducing talk time and eliminating friction and frustration from their phone calls

The global workforce has seen a shift in businesses supporting fully remote or part-time in-office arrangements since the beginning of the COVID health pandemic. As the workforce participates from home, undesirable background noises such as lawnmowers or barking dogs disrupt their communication sessions. Furthermore, the ability to eliminate these disruptions requires the workforce to use certain phones or purchase proprietary software.

Inteliquent integrated the Amazon Chime SDK into its global phone network to eliminate disrupting and distracting background noises. Customers can purchase phone numbers or connectivity that automatically applies this innovative machine learning capability to their calls. Implementing this capability requires no changes to the enterprise phone network and works with any device the customer uses to place telephone calls. Inteliquent customers can choose to enable Amazon Voice Focus on any phone numbers they purchase from Inteliquent.

To get started, contact Inteliquent via its website for information.