Instant Teams, Amazon to Offer Remote Work for Military Spouses

Instant Teams, a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise-certified company that connects companies with quality military-connected talent remotely, announced a partnership with Amazon on the multinational tech company’s Future Workforce Project. This project is aimed at connecting diverse, underserved talent with opportunities across the company, starting with military spouses.

Instant Teams is Amazon’s first partner in the military spouse remote work initiative and was a natural fit for the project. Instant Teams specializes in building custom pipelines of remote talent from the largest database of military-connected candidates in the industry. With a 92 percent military spouse ratio and a strong diversity commitment, Instant Teams’ talent pool is helping to grow Amazon’s Seller Support Team and creating new opportunities for untapped remote workers.

Instant Teams’ soon-to-be released direct-hire Marketplace technology will flip the direct hire model on its head by eliminating the hundreds of hours spent sourcing and vetting talent. The combination of automation, access to direct hire pipelines of military-connected talent, and years of experience spinning up large support teams for companies makes Instant Teams a valuable partner in any business growth initiative.