IGEL, Nutanix Frame Team to Elevate End-user Experience

IGEL, provider of next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, has expanded its strategic alliance with Nutanix Frame with the validation of IGEL OS as Nutanix Frame Ready. Additionally, Nutanix Frame has joined the IGEL Ready program as a technology partner.

“In today’s ‘work from anywhere’ world, it can be challenging for IT teams to stay on top of the needs of their end-users and provide a computing experience that keeps them engaged and productive,” said Jim Airdo, SVP of IGEL Ready & Strategic Alliances, IGEL. “The mutual verification and validation of IGEL OS and Nutanix Frame makes the delivery of that experience even easier. The combined solution has now been proven for seamless interoperability so that enterprises can deliver end-user computing productivity and value, faster.”

Ruben Sprujit, Sr. Technologist at Nutanix said, “Nutanix and IGEL are working together to help make hybrid work both easy and secure. They’re extending the flexibility afforded by Frame, in delivering virtual apps and desktops, to IGEL OS-powered endpoints through IGEL Ready. For customers looking to enable a secure and modern digital workplace, IGEL OS and Frame deliver simplicity, scalability, and ease of management.”

Nutanix Frame is a hybrid and multicloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that delivers Windows apps and desktops to users anywhere, on any device. The Frame Ready program, part of Nutanix Ready, allows thin client vendors to validate compatibility of their operating systems and/or hardware as fully compatible with Nutanix Frame and the Frame App.

With the completion of verification and joint compatibility testing, IGEL OS’s Nutanix Frame Ready status simplifies the deployment and operation of IGEL OS-powered devices with the Nutanix Frame Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform. With Nutanix Frame validated with IGEL OS, mutual customers using Nutanix Frame to support work-from-anywhere environments benefit from greater flexibility and choice when it comes to managing, securing, and modernizing the delivery of cloud-enabled workspace.

For more information on IGEL OS and its Nutanix Frame Ready validation, visit https://www.nutanix.com/partners/technology-alliances/igel. To learn more in the Nutanix Frame IGEL Ready Showcase page here. For a tutorial and video of how to set up Nutanix Frame and IGEL OS, visit the IGEL Community page at https://github.com/IGEL-Community/IGEL-Docs/blob/main/Docs/HOWTO-Nutanix-Frame-Setup.md.