IGEL Makes Lenovo Devices with IGEL OS Available

IGEL, a provider of a managed endpoint operating system for secured access, announces the global availability of Lenovo devices that are factory-preloaded with IGEL OS.

The Lenovo devices powered by IGEL OS enable organizations to benefit from a secure collaborative and productive end-user computing experience with enhanced security from anywhere, out-of-the-box.

Lenovo devices, including the Lenovo K14 Gen 1 (AMD), Lenovo ThinkCentre M75q Gen 2 and Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo 50q Gen 4, are available direct with IGEL OS as the preloaded operating system to simplify procurement, implementation, remote management and support processes.

Combining the proven performance and reliability of Lenovo devices with an operating system for secure, managed access to any digital workspace, these integrated devices make empowering hybrid workers simple and efficient.

Additional Lenovo devices have been validated and proven compatible with IGEL OS by Lenovo, with IGEL OS available for on-site operating system installation via the Lenovo Imaging Technology Center.

The IGEL OS factory preloaded Lenovo devices have been tested and validated by IGEL and Lenovo with IGEL OS version 11.08.240. Lenovo has a portfolio of devices that have been validated and proven compatible with IGEL OS by Lenovo and are available for on-site operating system installation.

IGEL OS is a platform-independent operating system that runs on any compatible x86-64 device including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and thin clients.

Through the IGEL Ready technology partner program, IGEL OS is verified as an integrated solution on a growing list of endpoint devices from a range of hardware providers for fast and easy integration and operation within almost any existing endpoint device environment.

IGEL OS-powered devices can operate and be managed using the IGEL COSMOS platform for secure, managed access to any cloud-delivered digital workspace.

For information, visit https://www.igel.com/cosmos.