IGEL, COCC to Update Financial Industry’s Digital Workspaces

AS the financial services industry modernizes its IT infrastructure, community banks and credit unions face a balancing act. They must adopt technology solutions that streamline processes, operations and security while managing with limited technical and financial resources.

To address these challenges, COCC, which has emerged as a go-to provider of technology solutions for smaller financial institutions aiming to gain a competitive edge, partnered with IGEL to enable these community banking institutions to monitor, manage and upgrade their endpoints, keeping them secure and up to date, while providing employees with secure access to their digital workspaces from any device, anywhere.

“With its robust endpoint management software, IGEL helps us empower our clients to centralize digital workspace management and enhance security and organizational efficiency, all without having to invest heavily in their own hardware or IT resources,” said Billy Cruz, COCC’s Technology Services Manager. “Together, we are bringing enterprise-level technology innovation to small and medium-sized financial services clients, something we would have never dreamed of being able to do prior to IGEL.”

Prior to the launch of IGEL COSMOS in February 2023, COCC became a participant in the IGEL COSMOS pilot program. Through it, COCC worked with a select group of its clients who use the COCC iWorkstation platform, a cloud-hosted virtual desktop infrastructure providing financial institutions with secure, remote access to applications and data, deploying the newest version of IGEL software and testing it in everyday production environments.

“The devices used by our clients must be locked down and secure so if something does get stolen, it’s just a matter of a device being lost and not data itself,” Cruz said. “IGEL COSMOS has been a game-changer for us, dramatically improving security at the endpoint with its unique approach of separating the IGEL OS from the application layer.”

He added, “By isolating the essential applications for each install and eliminating unnecessary software and components, we’ve also simplified our image management. This streamlined approach, focused on having just what we need on each machine, has become our standard practice.”

To read more about how IGEL and COCC are helping community banking institutions modernize the digital workspace experience, read the case study here. To register for the IGEL COSMOS webinar, featuring COCC and scheduled for 10 a.m.(ET), Wednesday, Sept. 20, click here.

For more information on IGEL, visit www.igel.com.