Hygraph Receives $30m in Series B Funding Round

Hygraph, an enterprise-grade federated content platform, has closed a $30 million Series B funding round led by One Peak. Existing investor OpenOcean, alongside Peak and new business angel, Boris Lokschin co-founder and CEO of Spryker Systems), also participated. The funding will support and accelerate Hygraph’s growth, providing content creators with a future-proof platform to build and deliver tomorrow’s connected digital experiences at scale.

Hygraph is the next generation of content management, powering a many-to-many relationship between content sources and devices. A decade ago, the explosion in the device ecosystem saw the rise of the headless CMS, allowing for platform-independent content distribution via APIs. However, with the emergence of composable architecture, organizations have found themselves needing to build and manage custom middleware to connect to other existing content sources (e.g. legacy CMS, PIM, DAM, SaaS tools, etc.) alongside their headless CMS.

Offering all the capabilities of a headless CMS, Hygraph’s federated content platform allows organizations to innovate faster and at lower cost, whether it’s building content-rich applications, or managing large product catalogs or internal knowledge management systems. Replacing tedious middleware development, Hygraph enables organizations to connect siloed content that resides across their entire software stack, via a single API. This approach to content unification and distribution allows product teams to compose services up to 10 times quicker than current methods.

Today, Hygraph works with more than 400 customers globally.

“The demand for connected digital services shows no sign of slowing down, but building everything custom is costly and an innovation bottleneck. Today, organizations not only need to distribute content to multiple devices, but they also need to access and serve up content from a myriad of sources,” said Michael Lukaszczyk, CEO and co-founder of Hygraph. “In the same way the headless CMS changed content distribution, Hygraph is disrupting the integration of content and data to enable the creation of new digital services and business models in the content economy. Our new funding round will allow us to further scale our business, as we aim to do for content management what the likes of MuleSoft did for integration.”

Headquartered in Berlin, Hygraph employs 70 people globally. The Series B funding will be used to support Hygraph’s ongoing platform innovation and to scale the company’s go-to-market, with a particular focus on North America.

For more information, visit www.hygraph.com.