Humanscale Launches Residential Designer Trade Program

Committed to creating a workspace experience that provides comfort and productivity, Humanscale announced the launch of its residential designer trade program.

The program will support residential designers and architects to create ergonomic and sustainable home workspaces for their clients. As a leader in the world of commercial office design, Humanscale brings more than 30 years of design intelligence, environmental commitment and ergonomic expertise to the residential sector, where principles like function, simplicity and longevity are important for creating the ideal work environment.

The trade program is open to all licensed and accredited interior designers and architects in the United States and Canada with certification or major design or architecture organization identification. Trade members will receive exclusive perks and rewards, including special pricing and dedicated concierge service. Members also will have access to complimentary textile swatches and a library of inspirational images to fuel their creativity.

With businesses worldwide embracing hybrid working, professionals increasingly will value a seamless transition between the office and home office to maximize productivity and optimize comfort. Humanscale’s designs promote healthier postures and adjust to the body, rather than the other way around and have a significant impact on the workday and long-term wellbeing.

Humanscale’s suite of ergonomic offerings includes award-winning seating with self-adjusting task chairs, sit/stand desks that promote movement, smart task lighting, flexible monitor arms, and tech solutions to keep clutter under control while enhancing connectivity.

Within its robust portfolio of workspace solutions, Humanscale is the first company to offer 26 products that are certified as climate positive, meaning they leave the world measurably better off by off setting the negative environmental impacts of manufacturing.

These designs achieve more with less by prioritizing safer, more sustainable materials and seamless functionality. The result is a range of thoughtful designs that find natural homes in a variety of spaces and styles.

Designers are encouraged to apply for the program at