HumanQ Receives Seed Round Funding to Unlock Human Potential

San Francisco-based HumanQ (formerly known as Experiential Insight) announced a $2 million seed round of funding, led by Kindred Ventures, to expand its technology products and grow a global team of coaches in the workforce coaching and development market.

Also involved in the seed round are Uber, Coinbase, Postmates, Tala, Tonal, and Color Health. In addition, notable angels including Toast CFO Elena Gomez, Natus Medical CHRO Lisa Paul, Google Head of Engineering Dinesh Chahlia, and several other angels from leading organizations also participated in this round of financing.

The HumanQ digital platform offers employees of its global corporate customers in 55 countries an opportunity to connect with each other through live video streaming during group coaching sessions. HumanQ’s coach-led group sessions span various company and societally relevant topics to create support, accountability, and connection between the workforce and community.

Through the intersection of technology and human interaction, HumanQ increases purpose, empowerment and impact for employees in its customer organizations, which include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Chobani, Spark New Zealand, Bidgely, VMware, Penn State University and Stanford University, among others – where remote, hybrid and in-office populations have an opportunity to solve for cross-geographical and cross-functional collaboration and innovation.

HumanQ was founded by Nishika de Rosairo, a human capital veteran who spent a decade working for Deloitte Consulting, Salesforce, Cisco and other Fortune 500 organizations. Understanding the struggle organizations face in providing meaningful development opportunities, she developed a group coaching platform for employee development and connection, leveraging a network of expert coaches.

Working with all levels of employees within companies, from startups to large enterprises, de Rosairo and HumanQ challenge the previous models where coaching focused only on executives. Alternatively, HumanQ uses a group coaching and live video model where all levels of the organization are able to achieve greater impact aligned to top priorities, with every level of the organization speaking the same language.

In today’s workplaces, where employee purpose is at an all-time high, HumanQ helps to build employee mindsets and success skills that enable them to act with agility, think bigger, become more resilient, build greater connection, have courageous conversations, be more inclusive and innovate for the future.

The shift toward hybrid, distributed or remote workforces has changed how we think about the importance and scope of professional development and learning. Not just for executives, HumanQ’s video platform and network of coaches offer a fun, accessible and scalable solution.

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Photo: Kindred Ventures founders Steve Jang and Kanyi Maqubela.