Hired Enables Global Hiring as Remote Work Grows

Hired, an AI-driven solution for tech and sales talent, announced its next milestone as a company – enabling hiring on a global scale. Vetting and matching millions of candidates for more than 10 years across key markets in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, Hired is evolving its marketplace strategy: expanding its platform for the remote era to help employers find talent from anywhere and job seekers gain access to and pursue attractive (remote) work opportunities with top global companies.

Demand for remote work has more than doubled in the last year on Hired’s platform, with more than  60 percent of employers and 90 percent of candidates on Hired being open to remote work. While Hired was focused on matching employers with candidates in the Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States in the past, companies now can connect with job seekers from more than 100 countries following the platform’s shift to remote hiring worldwide. Employers have visibility into candidates’ upfront salary expectations, skills, years of experience – and remote and time zone work preferences – to surface the best talent from anywhere and fill open roles quickly.

The rise of remote work has opened up the possibility for companies to hire globally with more efficiency. Hired has partnered with leading global HR solutions Oyster and Remote to help employers source, hire, onboard and employ talent from anywhere. Through these partnerships, Hired customers have access to HR management solutions for international payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance, among other needs.

For companies, using existing global staffing solutions or third-party agencies to bring on remote talent from anywhere comes with high costs that continue over the entire duration of an employees’ tenure. Hired – when used in combination with Oyster or Remote – will reduce costs for employers and provide the best options to find and hire talent globally. Companies can make an unlimited amount of hires with Hired’s subscription model.

“At Hired, we decided to go remote-first and hire globally in 2020 and have seen firsthand the positive impact it’s had for our employees and business,” said Josh Brenner, CEO of Hired. “With this global expansion, we also want to level the playing field for talent, providing them with equitable opportunities no matter where they’re located. This is a natural next step for us as we continue to work towards our vision of making hiring more equitable and transparent.”

To launch this new shift to enable remote hiring worldwide, Hired will present a virtual event, “Get Hired: The Future is Remote” on April 5, intended to bring together companies – including leading remote-first companies Dropbox, Glassdoor, and Hopin – to remote talent from 100-plus countries. More than 2,500 candidates across more than 50 tech roles are registered for the online event. Learn more about the Get Hired summit here and register today.