Hibob Grows Trajectory with Acquisition of Cassiopeia

Hibob, the company behind the innovative HCM platform bob, has acquired  Cassiopeia, a startup that developed AI-based workplace relationship analytics technology to help teams improve communication, collaboration, and work-life balance through advanced communication pattern analysis.

Hibob, together with the Cassiopeia team, will offer more robust analytics for companies operating in hybrid and remote work models by identifying distributed teams’ interactions and providing actionable insights to help increase the ability to work effectively together.

As Hibob expands its U.S. presence, the acquisition and integration of Cassiopeia’s technology into the bob platform is part of Hibob’s initiative to provide more innovative tools and solutions for companies to support various work modules and ensure a supportive employee experience for the modern workplace.

According to a recent Cassiopeia survey about work from home, 77 percent of managers felt it was harder to manage their team remotely than it was in person. In the last year, most companies chose to transition to a remote or hybrid work model, creating new challenges for team leaders and managers in ensuring employees are engaged and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

With the use of Cassiopeia’s technology, companies are given the tools to generate actionable data-backed insights and customized best practices at scale to improve team dynamics, collaboration, and work-life wellness, in accordance with applicable data privacy regulation.

By using relationship analytics with Cassiopeia’s technology, bob will provide insights into improving 1:1 communication, making meetings more efficient, improving collaboration within and between teams, tracking time spent on meetings vs. flow time, and much more. This feature will ultimately help companies in the US and globally, strengthen their culture while growing their business in the digital workplace.