GuideSpark Unveils Features to Help Enterprises Plan, Manage & Communicate

GuideSpark, a leader in change communications, unveiled new features that enable companies to plan, coordinate and personalize employee communications across the enterprise to maximize campaign effectiveness, employee experience and business outcomes.

The new Communicate Planner and Event-Triggered Campaigns functionalities bring marketing automation-style coordination and personalization to internal enterprise communications to drive engagement and action.

The latest enhancements to GuideSpark Communicate Cloud ensure company messages reach the right people at the right time without overwhelming employees with a deluge of information. Through more strategic campaign coordination and personalized, relevant messages, companies can make sure their messages cut through the noise and drive desired results.

Over the past year, the rapid acceleration of digital transformation and the overnight shift to remote work created a tidal wave of emails and other communication as companies scrambled to keep employees informed and engaged. Even before the pandemic struck, employees already received some 576 billion emails a year – 34 billion of which were trashed without being read or acted on.

With in-person meetings and watercooler conversations out of the picture, digital communication has exploded, leaving companies struggling to keep employees in the loop without contributing to their stress levels or overwhelming them.

GuideSpark solves that problem by providing a comprehensive employee communications platform that enables companies to orchestrate communications across the enterprise and personalize campaigns to create a better employee experience.

The new Communicate Planner functionality gives HR enterprise-wide visibility into the communication experience from employees’ point of view by providing a single dashboard to visualize, manage and measure all campaigns across the organization.

In the intuitive calendar view, users can see all campaigns to identify any potential overlap or conflict, and easily reschedule messages to optimize employee engagement and outcomes. For example, HR can spot the potential for open enrollment notices to interfere with annual performance review campaigns and reschedule as needed. They can also view campaigns by employee group to identify message clusters and make immediate adjustments to avoid overwhelming the audience.

The new Event-Triggered Campaigns tool delivers the right message to employees at the right time automatically based on ‘moments that matter’ in the employee lifecycle.

Through integration with HCM systems like WorkDay, UKG/Ultipro and others, GuideSpark can trigger a series of automated campaigns and experiences appropriate for any personnel change – such as a new hire, promotion, relocation, marriage or new baby, etc. This saves time and improves HR efficiency as well as ensures nothing slips through the cracks and employees get relevant, personalized information when it matters most.