Guardquare’s Mobile App Security Testing Available for iOS

Guardsquare, a mobile application security provider, makes its Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) product, AppSweep, available for iOS. Built for developers and mobile application-specific, AppSweep allows users to scan Android and iOS apps to identify security risks.

Security findings include actionable recommendations developers can leverage to fix the identified security issues ensuring AppSweep users uncover and can solve security issues in mobile app code and dependencies. The product is free to use.

With the reliance on mobile apps across all verticals, organizations must prioritize the security of their mobile applications to ensure customer trust and brand loyalty, protect valuable IP, achieve compliance and prevent loss of revenue. Yet only a third of those involved in mobile app development use a MAST tool, which can lead to insecure mobile apps and detrimental effects on organizations left vulnerable to risks.

With the introduction of AppSweep for iOS, Guardsquare ensures that regardless of the operating system, organizations can safeguard their mobile apps and protect their users’ sensitive data. AppSweep helps development teams efficiently and effectively meet security needs in an actionable manner.

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