Grant Thornton, Topia to Deliver Tax Offerings for Remote, Hybrid Workforces

Grant Thornton LLP, a U.S. professional-services firm with a global member firm network, and Topia, a leader in global workforce and talent mobility software solutions, are teaming to bring their service offerings to clients.

Working together, Grant Thornton and Topia can help organizations more efficiently manage domestic and international regulatory, tax and compliance issues associated with distributed, remote and hybrid workforces — and business travel.

Grant Thornton will pair its decades of experience in tax and compliance services for global workforces with Topia’s hybrid workforce-management technology, including its Topia Compass application built atop the Topia One platform. Topia’s technology provides critical employee work-location data analytics combined with compliance-focused workflows and automation.

By bringing together Grant Thornton’s tax and advisory services with Topia’s software-automation solutions, organizations should be able to manage complex issues such as international employer tax risk, state and local tax payroll withholding obligations, permanent establishment and nexus more easily and efficiently.

Grant Thornton and Topia also can help companies solve broader business strategy and operational issues stemming from hybrid workforces with employees working in many more locations. For example, they can help align employee locations to a company’s strategy and real-estate decisions.

“Hybrid working arrangements have become, and will continue to be, the new norm for many employers; however, this has caused cross-border regulations to increase in complexity, resulting in significant compliance exposures and risks for businesses across the globe,” said Richard Tonge, Human Capital Services principal at Grant Thornton. “Activities such as payroll withholding, tax compliance and statutory reporting were straightforward when employees worked in the same offices every day. Now, with today’s remote employees, the increased fluidity across local, state and international borders means compliance is far more difficult — it pushes finance, tax and payroll teams to proactively manage employees’ work locations to adhere to regulatory requirements. In short, businesses need to develop a successful hybrid work strategy.”

According to Tonge, Topia’s technology solutions can provide organizations with “clear, actionable and real-time data insights and analytics necessary to embrace hybrid working models while avoiding business risks.”

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