GoTo Releases Features across Portfolio

GoTo, a company making IT management, support, and business communication easy with its flagship products GoTo Resolve, Rescue and GoTo Connect, announces nearly 40 features across its product portfolio as a part of the company’s tri-annual release cadence. The features and integrations help customers manage, secure and connect their businesses.

With more than 80 percent of businesses considering consolidation of communication, collaboration and IT management and support tools a top priority, it is important for business leaders to consolidate vendors securely while offering the right integrations, saving IT teams time and money with a single provider.

GoTo ensures that IT teams and employees stay ahead of changing business needs and behaviors, with its features that include a Microsoft Teams phone integration, AI-generated scripts, a Miro integration, and Linux support, in addition to the recently announced mobile device management solution and Endpoint Protection for GoTo Resolve.

Features from GoTo Include:

Security, even stronger for tools, devices, and company data – Its mobile device management offering, endpoint protection add-on, admin permissions, and Azure Active Directory Sync are designed to strengthen security and stay ahead of cyber threats.

User experiences, AI-powered for greater efficiency – Enhanced features like Disruption Free Unattended Access, Linux support expansion, webcam zoom and an AI-enhanced script generator help you get more done, the easy way.

Customer decisions made easier with data – Data visualizations like Interaction Details, SMS Health Dashboard, and Conversation Review help organizations discover opportunities and determine better outcomes.

Critical tools together, unlocking savings and productivity – Boost collaboration and security, while cutting costs through the latest integrations with Microsoft Teams, Miro, and Bitdefender.

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