Globalization Partners’ Benefits Dashboards Puts Unmatched Insight at Customers’ Fingertips

Globalization Partners, which simplifies global remote team building by making it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere via its global employment platform, launched of its benefits dashboards.

As customers look to hire talent globally, understanding the best benefit offerings in each country can be daunting. This data-driven tool will assist customers on benefits decisions and help them understand which supplemental benefits are the market norm in each country.

Unlike other solutions, Globalization Partners’ benefits dashboards provide real time performance reports and insights broken down by country to give customers valuable insight into what they need to know to make informed decisions.

“We know that there can be a lack of visibility into benefit costs that is a significant expense in expanding globally” said Gerard Keating, Chief Technology Officer, Globalization Partners. “Our global industry expertise and data is captured into a set of dashboards enabling our customers to offer competitive benefits packages anywhere they want to hire talent.”

Features of the new benefits dashboards include:

  • Compare Benefit Enrollment plans – See percentage of other customers offering a specific plan and the average enrollment rate to leverage as a benchmark for that plan
  • Monitor Benefit Costs – View top benefit costs in each country, grouped by transaction type, including total costs to date and the average benefits cost per billed professional
  • Benefit Plan Status – Track where employees are in the benefits selection process so customers can follow up as needed
  • Knowledge Base for Global Hiring Questions – Globalization Partners’ customers have access to the most up-to-date and curated global finance, legal, operations, and HR information via its content library that has been developed from years of experience, providing one single source of truth for hiring questions. In addition, its employees will use it to serve customers with fast and customized information.

Globalization Partners is committed to building the world’s leading employer of record platform and combines its 10-years of knowledge with technology to make it simple to hire and support talent anywhere in the world in a few clicks. To see a demonstration of Globalization Partners’ interactive global employment platform, click here.

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