Genesys Generative AI Boosts Power of Experience Orchestration

Genesys announces today expanded generative AI capabilities for experience orchestration, helping organizations unlock deeper customer and operational insights using the power of large language models (LLMs) as a force multiplier for employees.

Now with auto-summarization for Agent Assist, the Genesys Cloud CX platform helps organizations drive quality, speed and accuracy by enabling employees to capture conversational intelligence from digital and voice interactions.

The latest generative AI addition to the platform deepens Genesys AI’s conversational language processing and analytics capabilities. This provides a foundation for organizations to improve customer and employee experiences through smarter automation, personalization and optimization.

“We’ve long used large language models within Genesys AI to help organizations proactively orchestrate experiences that lead to stronger customer and employee outcomes,” said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer at Genesys. “Through responsible development that responds to our customers’ needs, we’re accelerating our pace of innovation with the latest generations of generative AI to help organizations gain greater value from their data, rapidly create new content and break language barriers. We’re also considering the roles and expertise we may need to fuel our R&D strategy for the future, like prompt engineering and curation.”

The Genesys AI platform for customer and employee experience gives organizations a reliable foundation for innovation to apply capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP) to understand the sentiment, intent, empathy and effort across any interactions.

“Earlier this year, the public’s attention was catapulted toward the potential of generative AI because of open AI technologies like ChatGPT, which are often trained on unvetted, untrustworthy public data sources,” Jouve continued. “Genesys trains its embedded models with curated, trusted data across multiple industries, languages, use cases, dimensions and more. The company has adopted stringent AI ethics guidelines and is committed to creating customer value through the best technology.

As LLMs reached enterprise readiness, Genesys introduced multiple capabilities starting with entity recognition (2020) and followed with sentiment extraction, conversational models, intent mining, topic mining and semantic search.

Agent Assist auto-summarization benefits from years of sophisticated application of LLMs and uses the latest models, trained with proprietary, curated data to help organizations improve reliability and accuracy.

Auto-summarization for Agent Assist is the latest of several new generative AI-based offerings expected for Genesys Cloud CX.

In addition, the open APIs of the Genesys Cloud CX platform allow organizations to innovate using other generative AI solutions available on the market to support their businesses’ needs. Genesys also leverages generative AI within, which gives sales teams a tool to auto-generate email content for lead development, pipeline nurture and more.

Auto-summarization for Agent Assist is available with the Genesys Cloud AI Experience offering. Genesys Cloud CX customers can also explore the solution via a 30-day trial, accessible through the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace.

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