Gartner Recognizes Stamus for Network Detection, Response

Stamus Networks, a global provider of high-performance network-based threat detection and response systems, is included as a Representative Vendor in the recent 2022 Gartner “Market Guide for Network Detection and Response.”

“Security and risk management leaders should prioritize NDR as complementary to other detection tools, focusing on low false positive rates and detection of anomalies that other controls don’t cover,” wrote Gartner analysts Nat Smith, Jeremy D’Hoinne and Thomas Lintemuth in the report.

The report highlights, “Network detection and response (NDR) products detect abnormal system behaviors by applying behavioral analytics to network traffic data. They continuously analyze raw network packets or traffic metadata (for example IPFIX or NetFlow) between internal networks (east-west), and public networks (north-south).”

The Stamus Security Platform is an open NDR system built on top of an open-source Suricata engine. The system can ingest network telemetry from either Stamus Network Probes or native Suricata sensors, giving existing Suricata intrusion detection system (IDS) users a simple path to NDR adoption.

Stamus Network CEO Ken Gramley said, “At Stamus Networks we pride ourselves on delivering unprecedented network visibility alongside powerful detection of both known and unknown threats.  In our opinion, being acknowledged by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in the Market Guide for Network Detection and Response validates our position as a market leader.”

Gramley continued, “For many enterprises, making the leap into NDR can be a daunting task. They often have existing network systems like IDS and network security monitoring (NSM) along with an entire security stack built around the output of these systems. That’s why we focus on making it as easy as possible for an enterprise to integrate and deploy our Stamus Security Platform in the cloud, in the data center, or on premise.”

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