Future Tech Enterprise to Offer StorMagic Portfolio

StorMagic announced that Future Tech Enterprise Inc. has entered into an agreement to offer the StorMagic portfolio of virtual storage area network (SvSAN) and virtual key management system (SvKMSP) to its global network of customers.

Future Tech Enterprise selected the StorMagic offering because of the company’s focus on the edge/SMB and commitment to its products’ flexibility, robustness, simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

StorMagic SvSAN is a two-node virtual SAN designed for the hyper-converged edge, remote/back office, and small data center sites. SvSAN provides 100 percent uptime with only two servers, compared to other available HCI implementations that require three or more servers, reducing solution costs by at least 33 percent.

The solution eliminates the need for physical SANs and can be deployed at dozens, hundreds or thousands of sites as easily as one. It is compatible with any standard x86 server and hypervisor and supports VMs, containers or both.

StorMagic SvKMS is an encryption key manager for edge, datacenter and cloud that manages all encryption keys for any encryption workflow. It simplifies complex security and key management infrastructure by unifying encryption key management processes in a centralized virtual appliance. SvKMS runs in any cloud or hypervisor and sets up quickly and easily – deploying in minutes with a simple-to-use interface – offering enterprise-grade features at the best price for modern key management.

“The StorMagic reseller network spans all major markets, ensuring that resellers and customers can easily access StorMagic products from trusted organizations around the world,” said Brian Grainger, president of StorMagic Inc. and chief revenue officer.

To learn more about StorMagic and its partner program, visit the StorMagic website.