Forescout Continuum Timeline Supports Asset Compliance, Investigations, Risk Reduction

Forescout Technologies, a global leader in automated cybersecurity, released its Continuum platform update which includes Forescout Continuum Timeline, a cloud-native solution that provides comprehensive long-term retention, search and analytics of asset data.

Timeline enables enterprises to meet compliance and audit requirements, better support incident investigations, and to identify risks and gaps to help prioritize preventative measures.

Today, all organizations need an automated way of maintaining real-time asset intelligence for every connected device. Cybersecurity teams overwhelmed with rapid asset growth and the expanded attack surface are receiving information from multiple tools to inform their security decisions. Forescout offers a complete cybersecurity solution in its latest release of the Forescout Continuum Platform with the Forescout Continuum Timeline.

Timeline is a cloud-based offering that operates as a seamless extension to Forescout Continuum and has been engineered to handle the demands of the world’s largest enterprises, automatically ingesting, enriching and normalizing asset data.

With its scalable data lake and a rich analytics engine, Timeline enables network and SecOps teams to query, investigate and leverage the essential data collected by eyeSight from connected assets in real-time, and across a historical timeline.

This Continuum platform update expands asset discovery, assessment and management capabilities to reduce high manual labor costs, performance issues, challenges with keeping asset databases current, business disruptions and the risk of security breaches due to asset intelligence gaps. Lack of visibility, and the ability to quantify risk, lead to delayed insight and gaps in security posture. Forescout Continuum solves this by:

Prioritizing vulnerabilities and threats with in-depth multifactor risk assessment and scoring–newly added security controls for compliance align frameworks to focus SOC teams on the highest-risk cases.

Automatically reducing threat debt by orchestrating the proactive remediation of non-compliant assets.

Advanced segmentation features to mitigate the blast radius of vulnerable devices.

More powerful discovery and control capabilities and search and dashboard visualizations.

To learn more about Forescout Continuum Timeline, visit: Forescout Continuum Timeline