Fonative Launches Real Recipient SMS

Fonative has introduced its trademarked Real Recipient SMS, a service that helps make sure text messages go to the intended recipient.

Working with Fonative’s PCI-DSS certified platform and RegReady APIs, Real Recipient SMS-enabled contact center applications and agents can send confidential information securely to the intended recipient, while leveraging the FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database to validate the phone number of the recipient for the text message.

The FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database came online on November 1 and is designed to prevent a consumer from getting unwanted calls or texts intended for someone who previously held their phone number. Call and contact centers can use the database to determine whether a telephone number may have been reassigned so they can avoid sending text messages to numbers which should not receive those messages.

Designed with privacy in mind, Fonative’s Real Recipient SMS works by receiving data from the enterprise that provides the last date of an authentic interaction with a customer at a specific phone number. If the phone number has been reassigned to a different person since that date, Fonative’s Real Recipient SMS service will block the text message from being sent and will send a response code to the sender, letting them know that the phone number has been reassigned.