FlexxDesktop Optimizes DaaS in Data Centers, Cloud

Flexxible IT, a digital transformation leader, announced the release of FlexxDesktop, a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution where edge computing and cloud computing converge, allowing virtual desktops to run anywhere or everywhere.

With the end user’s experience at the center, FlexxDesktop offers DaaS on the users’ terms, with no up-front investment, and enables the seamless transition from any platform to any platform, whether the data center or the cloud.

“Flexxible IT has been a leader in the DaaS space since 2008, and we are excited to expand our reach to support customers staying or moving to any vendor or any cloud,” said Sebastian Prat, CEO at Flexxible IT. “We see FlexxDesktop as the future of DaaS, enabling the enterprise to build their own DaaS solution on their terms where they can pay-as-they-go and transition to any vendor or cloud at their pace. It allows the enterprise to choose the vendors they see fit and to migrate seamlessly between them.”

FlexxDesktop is available in a subscription pricing model, so it allows enterprises to migrate existing environments to any cloud with ease at a cost that is OPEX friendly. Many DaaS vendors lock customers to a single platform or cloud. The cloud may not be feasible for some, and the customer will still need the data center. FlexxDesktop enables DaaS to enhance the digital experience for any end-user through a simplified management architecture built for any cloud or any data center.

“FlexxDesktop enables enterprises to have a choice,” said Pete Downing, CMO at Flexxible IT. “DaaS is complex and FlexxDesktop aims to simplify the day-to-day management as well as give enterprises the choice to use any vendor, their data center, their edge, and any cloud.”

Flexxible IT will give an overview and highlight the key features of FlexxDesktop via a webinar at 11 a.m., November 3. You can register here.

For information on FlexxDesktop, click here.