Evolve, BT Cardway Remove Pain of Payment Processing

Managed networks and IT provider Evolve announces today that it will be able to support card-transaction routing via BT Cardway.

By interfacing with BT Cardway, Evolve can offer customers across the United Kingdom and Europe payment traffic routing with one of the U.K.’s most trusted and long-established payment routing service providers.

BT Cardway is a portfolio of solutions that helps businesses that accept credit cards in person to secure and manage their networks. It offers a secure, flexible and cost-effective payments infrastructure, connecting merchants with their acquirers or payment processors.

By aggregating multiple payment transactions, the acquirer or payment processor is presented with a single interface.

The agreement, which includes the interfacing of Evolve’s SD-WAN offering into BT Cardway, means Evolve customers can route payment traffic into diverse services via BT, enjoying greater resilience and wider coverage.

The pairing will allow Evolve’s diverse customer base across the retail, hospitality, food-to-go and fuel sectors to benefit from its efficient and secure payment routing.

The move means Evolve can offer its customers the option to route their transactions to Barclaycard via BT and TNS, and can interface to WorldPay.

For more information regarding Evolve, please visit: https://www.evolvebg.co.uk/