Everbridge Expands Critical Event Management Platform

Everbridge Inc. announced an expansion of its end-to-end Critical Event Management (CEM) SaaS platform, unveiling a comprehensive integrated suite of digital and physical resiliency solutions for global organizations preparing for “the new normal” in the post-pandemic world.

Digitally transforming how organizations manage, respond to, and mitigate a crisis, as well as protecting revenue while improving cost efficiencies, CEM represents a set of standards and best practices that CEOs and boards increasingly incorporate into how they govern operational risk from unplanned events.

The expanded Everbridge CEM software solution suite provides organizations with a comprehensive, end-to-end operating environment to take an “assess, locate, act and analyze” closed-loop approach to managing critical events in a volatile and uncertain global threat landscape, while delivering significant return on investment through increased revenue and reduced costs.

“It is evident now, more than ever, that seamless communication, collaboration and complete oversight of all assets — infrastructure, digital, systems and workers — is invaluable to decision-making and for mitigating the financial and human cost of unforeseen events,” stated a March 2021 report entitled: ”Strategic Focus: Critical Event Management For EHS And Risk Management” by Verdantix. “Critical event management (CEM) solutions help firms manage and respond effectively to such unforeseen events, ensuring resilience and saving lives.”

More than 5,600 global firms rely on Everbridge to keep their people safe and organizations running. The Everbridge CEM Platform leverages more than 450 out-of-the-box, pre-existing integrations and 25,000-plus risk data sources, for organizations to gain clarity, act faster and improve outcomes. Everbridge customers include some of the largest firms and leaders in their respective industries.

“Every organization possesses unique operational characteristics— a combination of technologies, physical locations, supply chains, brand, and most importantly, people— all of which are constantly changing,” said Ajay Nigam, Chief Product Officer for Everbridge. “With the rising challenges and opportunities associated with the future of work, internet of things, big data and 5G, Everbridge provides the most comprehensive suite of software solutions for digitally transforming how organizations can help save lives and keep their physical and digital operations running through one unified platform, mapping risk intelligence with the automated tools to manage the full lifecycle of a crisis or disruption.”

Everbridge’s Expanded CEM Solutions include:

  • CEM for People & Life Safety – representing a flexible, robust, and scalable software solution to keep people safe anywhere in the world
  • CEM for Operations & Business Continuity – keeping businesses and operations running, faster.
  • CEM for Supply Chain Risk – managing and optimizing supply chains and supply routes.
  • CEM for Smart Enterprise – accelerating digital transformation through smart automation, secure IoT management, big data and advanced analytics.
  • CEM for Digital: Incidents & Cybersecurity– protecting an organization’s brand and reputation while providing resiliency for IT systems in an increasingly virtual world.