Ericsson Unveils Massive MIMO Radio for 5G Mid-Band Deployments

Ericsson unveiled the integrated AIR 3268 radio, which features an ultra-lightweight antenna-integrated system for streamlining 5G mid-band deployments in dense urban and suburban areas. This member of its Massive MIMO (Multiple Input / Multiple Output) portfolio is regarded as the “lightest and smallest” in the Massive MIMO radio industry, weighing 26 pounds. The tech was developed alongside BT.

The release features 200-watt output, 32 transceivers and passive cooling, in addition to supporting Ericsson’s Massive MIMO architecture and Uplink Booster capabilities for leading network performance.

The AIR Radio 3268 is designed to help communications service providers boost capacity, coverage, speed and other mobile elements for subscribers. The AIR 3268 simplifies upgrades and new site acquisitions, even in locations where footprint may prove challenging; it also supports Ericsson’s mini bracket to streamline installation.

“We continue to revolutionize Massive MIMO with ultra-lightweight radios that allow easier site upgrades and more seamless 5G mid-band deployments,” said Ericsson Head of Product Line Radio, David Hammarwall. “AIR 3268 widens the options for the radio site, allowing service providers to boost their networks and deliver faster 5G speeds and response times. It is also energy-efficient, which is important to us and our customers.”

Ericsson also offers optimized site solutions with integrated transport for dense urban areas as part of its comprehensive transport and site solutions portfolio.