Ericsson Unveils Intelligent Deployment for Network Lifecycle Management

Ericsson introduced Intelligent Deployment, a Network Services portfolio “building block” for optimum network lifecycle management. This release – which it noted serves to redesign “network rollout for the 5G age” – connects design, installation, integration, acceptance, maintenance and services evolution resources.

The offering offers artificial intelligence (AI), automation and data-driven cloud-based architecture to support various functionalities for the service provider, allowing them to employ intelligent site engineering, intelligent integration and remote access.

Access to data-driven and digitalized processes, Ericsson noted, allows service providers to more quickly and effectively make network management decisions, meet market and user expectations and promote network evolution.

“With our Intelligent Deployment solution, we are vastly improving the way we deploy networks, making it more agile, flexible and responsive to customer needs. This means we can deliver parts of our portfolio to service providers based on their specific requirements,” said Ericsson Business Area Networks Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management, Nello Califano. “We use extensive data insights to offer new services as well as pre-empt problems when introducing intelligent monitoring of the network even after end of deployment. By investing more in our network services, we create better solutions for our customers.”

The solution includes elements such as:

  • Outcome-based, for buying professional services.
  • Subscription-based, for purchasing access to standalone capabilities or to the entire offering.
  • Mixes of both.

Intelligent Deployment is designed to help service providers secure higher accuracy, transparency and cost efficiency from site survey to acceptance; enact change management and promote data security.