Ericsson Rolls Out IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect

Ericsson rolled out the IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect service, which moves “complex” encryption from the device to the cellular network edge. The release is designed to provide an alternative to outsourced device authentication and data management options from public cloud providers.

Organizations can use the IoT Accelerator to manage cellular devices such as sensors, meters and tracking devices; connect to secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers and move encryption to the cellular network edge.

Connecting to AWS IoT Core requires connected devices to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for all communications. With Cloud Connect, the IoT Accelerator service offers a plug-and-play alternative, streamlining device activation that tunnels to the edge of the cellular infrastructure before automatically self-provisioning to AWS and securely connecting via Cloud Connect-generated encryption and keys.

Ericsson also noted that it has a roster of over 35 global communications service providers (CSPs) on the IoT Accelerator.

With Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect, devices with unencrypted, privately secured communications over cellular network leveraging Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) or narrowband User Data Protocols (UDP) can connect seamlessly to AWS IoT Core to reduce power and data consumption.

“Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect removes barriers for enterprises to connect their IoT devices to numerous public clouds and to optimize the IoT data management infrastructure offered by providers like AWS,” said Ericsson GM of IoT, Kyle Okamoto. “This means a faster time to market for enterprise devices and products. We are excited to offer this service to our IoT Accelerator community of over 7,000 enterprises globally.”