dotin Releases PerFit-HR on Salesforce AppExchange

dotin Inc. has launched PerFit-HR: Employee Productivity Loss and Disengagement Insights for on Salesforce AppExchange. The module empowers customers to navigate remote talent management decisions with a top-down view of business resilience by pinpointing where potential productivity loss and disengagement may occur.

When the COVID-19 crisis emerged, many companies adopted a work from home model. As businesses struggle to retain and engage their virtual employees, the “PerFit-HR: Employee Productivity Loss and Disengagement Insights for” artificial intelligence (AI) module resolves this problem with real-time data and insights.

The AI module can:

  • Identify the productivity loss and disengagement among employees who are uncomfortable working from home. It also provides customized actionable insights in real-time.
  • Let talent analytics drive business decisions.
  • Evaluate individual team members in the context of collaboration with their work team to see top learning and working styles, dominant personality traits and compatibility attributes.
  • Increase the resilience and collaboration within teams. The one-minute cognitive insight AI assessment identifies team members who will be highly synergistic and highlights personalities that will make ideal mentor-trainee relationships.
  • Increase productivity and retention rates by as much as 2.5 times with AI that helps ensure organizational continuity.

Integrated directly with Salesforce, PerFit-HR: Employee Productivity Loss and Disengagement Insights for is available on AppExchange.

“This addition to AppExchange comes at a critical time. The COVID-19 pandemic has left teams, companies, and entire industries especially vulnerable,” Ganesh Iyer, CEO and founder of dotin said. “Our technology helps these organizations chart the course, providing leadership with a location-based top-down view providing tactical guidance on demand.”

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