DoControl Launches SaaS to SaaS Remediation Workflows

DoControl has introduced its SaaS to SaaS Remediation Workflows. The expansion extends the company’s offering for SaaS to SaaS critical capabilities and initiates on-demand, scheduled and fully automated remediation workflows to minimize the risk of cybersecurity supply-chain attacks originating from SaaS OAuth tokens.

The DoControl SSP offers SaaS to SaaS capabilities that include SaaS OAuth token discovery, risk profiling, analytics and remediation. With the addition of SaaS-to-SaaS Remediation Workflows, customers can define granular automation triggered by SaaS OAuth token installation and permission scope activity updates.

Combined with its Identity Provider (IDP), and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) integrations, DoControl embeds critical business context within workflows to perform reliable remediation with dozens of options.

Deploying DoControl’s SaaS to SaaS Remediation Workflows is straightforward and provides DoControl’s SSP users with a comprehensive and holistic remediation process through discovery control, and automated remediation.

  • Discovery and Visibility – Organizations can discover all interconnected first and third-party SaaS applications within a business’s estate. With a complete mapping and inventory, businesses can identify issues of non-compliance and understand the riskiest SaaS platforms, applications and users exposed within the SaaS estate.
  • Monitor and Control – Organizations can perform application reviews with business users through pre-approval policies and workflows that require end users to provide a business justification to onboard new applications. Security teams can quarantine suspicious applications, reduce excessive permissions and revoke or remove applications or access.
  • Automated Remediation – Through intuitive, no-code conditional logic workflows, the DoControl Platform enables consistent enforcement and risk remediation across all SaaS applications, many of which cannot be achieved natively within each individual application.

SaaS workflow automation is customizable to specific applications or use cases through a catalog of playbooks (pre-established templates) to meet organizational security program requirements.

The SaaS to SaaS Remediation Workflows are available to new and existing customers. To learn more about DoControl and its SaaS security solutions, visit the website, request a demo, or start a free trial.