Changes the Way Remote Teams Work Online

A complete remote team solution and digital work-life organizer, launches into the global Software as a Service (SaaS) market with competitive functionality. Taking aim at solutions for remote teams, offers access, organization and management for business applications, online content and more. It delivers HD video conferencing and chat tools for total team collaboration – all in a revolutionary, new digital office. amplifies momentum for the way teams work today. Cloud-based with every app, link bookmark and business communication intuitively organized – the service is securely compatible with any device.

Small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) are using on average more than 100 web applications while commonly lacking a system for managing the apps and ensuring remote worker setups are connected properly. Over-reliance on individual devices, excess context switching between tasks and digital clutter fatigue can harm security, continuity and productivity for remote teams.

The solution to the web app explosion and its side effects for SMBs is’s ability to provide an overarching, secure cloud workspace. A place where all applications, content and collaborative conversations can be kept and rapidly organized into dedicated, shareable desktops – one for each team or project. Chairman and founder Rolf Larsen recognized the app organization tipping point on the horizon for companies that would worsen as additional apps were added year-over-year. In response, Larsen and his team developed With device-independent and web-based workspaces, creates an easy-to-use, long-term and scalable way for remote teams to manage their favorite tools while solving collaboration barriers and streamlining navigation for digital work environments.

“My mission with was to create a service that was intuitive for teams and pushed ahead in the world of remote collaboration. The unique, feature-rich experience we’ve created gives every team member the tools to connect the dots of remote work more effectively. will change the way teams work online,” Larsen said.

With an intuitive design and no prior IT knowledge required to operate, makes it simple for any team to excel when working remotely. Essential applications, communications, key business documents and virtual meetings are now conveniently within reach from any device.

Enhancing the well-functioning and connected digital environment experience, provides Single Sign-On powered by AuthO – the world’s leading identity authentication provider. Plus, multi-factor-authentication and integrated password manager deliver the ability to navigate in and out of apps securely without repeated login barriers.

Everything in the digital workspace is searchable, sharable and accessible for authorized team member use. becomes a virtual office and it’s where everyone goes to work with the team.

Simultaneously, each user’s digital work life can be tucked away behind a single icon. Removing digital clutter, was designed to promote work/life balance for remote team members.