Delta Media Builds Hybrid Office for Its Headquarters

As working remotely becomes an expected option by new hires – especially for tech-related businesses – Delta Media created a new hybrid office workspace for its new headquarters designed to accommodate its growth in 2022 and beyond.

Delta Media is an established real estate technology solutions providers for brokers.

After tripling its workforce over the last three years, partially fueled by the real estate boom during the pandemic, all Delta employees worked remotely. The company took advantage of that time to build its new headquarters.

“Our new headquarters is designed for a mobile and flexible workforce,” said Michael Minard, CEO and owner of Delta Media. “We’ve proven at Delta that we can scale rapidly and provide uninterrupted and exceptional support, even when most employees are WFH – working from home.”

“But as Microsoft and many large firms are demonstrating, there is tremendous value to coming together again in person. There are so many benefits that a Zoom call can never achieve,” Minard noted.

“We believe the key is to create a space that is designed for the modern workforce. So, our new hybrid headquarters, in addition to its open design, offers more outdoor space, a café, free lunch Fridays and other premium accruements to make it more attractive to go to work than stay home.”

Delta is known for its all-in-one tech stack that helps real estate agents sell listings and promote their business. Its core offerings – customer relationship management software, search engine optimization, automated digital marketing programs, showings platform and instant social media campaigns – are core tools used by nearly every active real estate agent.

Minard points out the site of its new 10,000-square-feet headquarters, at 7015 Sunset Strip Ave. NW, near the Strip in North Canton, was also vital in creating a hybrid office.

More information about Delta Media group, including employment opportunities, is available at