Delinea Reduces Ransomware Risk Using Azure AD Government

 Delinea, a provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions for seamless security, announced expanded capabilities for Privilege Manager and Connection Manager, its endpoint privilege management and secure remote access management solutions, respectively. With a focus on providing flexibility and reducing friction, these expanded capabilities are designed to reduce the risk of threats like ransomware.

According to the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, compromised credentials are the leading attack path and increasingly result in ransomware attacks, which have grown 13 percent in the last year and are now 25 percent of total security breaches.

Enhancing privileged access controls for US government agencies

With the latest release of Privilege Manager, U.S. government customers can integrate their endpoint and application PAM capabilities with Microsoft Azure AD Government identities. This combination provides enhanced layers of protection, isolation and compliance required by government agencies. Merging stringent identity authentication with granular authorization controls limits the risk of compromised credentials and helps prevent attackers from using workstations or applications as an entry point for a ransomware attack on government systems.

Secure, flexible, and frictionless remote access

Building upon Connection Manager’s secure remote access and session management capabilities, newly expanded features provide customers the flexibility to use their security assertion markup language (SAML) identity provider with the browser of choice when initiating remote access sessions through Secret Server, Delinea’s vault solution.

Security best practices recommend using SAML in conjunction with vaulted credentials and multi-factor authentication to access resources and applications as it reduces the risks of lateral movement and compromised credentials that can lead to ransomware attacks. The extended features of Connection Manager make it easier for customers to use this workflow, enabling them to minimize repeat logins while retaining the benefits of SAML single sign-on (SSO), which reduces friction and increases usability and productivity.

“We recognize that our customers are facing increasing pressure to improve security and reduce the risk of threats like ransomware,” said Phil Calvin, chief product officer at Delinea. “Delinea continues to deliver improvements that benefit customers with some of the strictest requirements, like the U.S. government, while also providing a more seamless experience for security and IT teams.”

Organizations can try the latest version of Privilege Manager for free at and Connection Manager at