DaysToHappy’s ‘Ava’ Changes Employee Behavior

DaysToHappy is changing the future of employee experience and announced the launch of its AI-powered virtual assistant that deepens the employee experience and enhances workplace culture.

Meet Ava — helping employees be engaged and happy at work, guaranteed. The Happy Guarantee is the first of its kind in the industry, or service is free.

Completely mobile and activated by SMS, Ava improves remote work culture and supports the norms of hybrid and dispersed workforces, from frontline workers to those on the road.

Ava leverages proprietary eDNA (23 engagement indicators) to deliver customized employee experience journeys to every employee.

This personable, accessible, and scalable virtual assistant requires no app, no login, no email and no system integration.

“For years, the problem with employee engagement and leadership development has been figuring out how to turn data and feedback into action plans that can be rolled out to all employees at scale and truly change behavior,” said Corey Davis, DaysToHappy founder and CEO. “With Ava, we can. Plus, we guarantee it, helping every employee working from any location thrive.”

As a mobile-based behavior change platform, DaysToHappy brings together employee feedback, communication, recognition and learning to create a happy and engaged workplace culture so employees and employers thrive.

Employee engagement and leadership development are related, which is why DaysToHappy provides customized leadership development journeys based on 360 assessments and proprietary L-DNA (23 leadership engagement indicators).

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