DataBank Partners with Advance2000 for Desktop-as-a-Service

DataBank, a provider of enterprise-class colocation, connectivity and managed services, announced a partnership with Advance2000 (A2K), which will position DataBank clients to take advantage of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). DataBank will provide the infrastructure in a secure data center, and A2K will provide services that extend the service to a complete Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solution.

DataBank is known for data centers and reliable infrastructure. This same service and delivery model is better through the A2K partnership and extends the benefits to all DataBank customers.

DataBank customers can now service remote workers better, allow employees to BYOD (bring their own device), and support students and shift workers while enhancing security and control of desktops. VDI is used commonly in education, call centers, remote and branch work, as well as to provide contractor and partner access.

“As knowledge workers transition away from offices to become digital nomads, VDI allows for the perfect balance of providing employees the freedom to work from anywhere while enabling secure access to core business applications. Our partnership brings together DataBank’s global footprint of low latency highly interconnected cloud data centers and security operations with A2K’s powerful tools and VDI management platform. Together, we are enabling new ways for companies to attract, enable and retain talent anywhere in the world,” said Vlad Friedman, CTO of DataBank.

VDI helps organizations streamline the complexity of managing individual desktops and laptops through centralized security. This centralized command and control helps create a uniform and consistent user experience that is helpful in supporting remote users, such as in education and training.

Organizations that deploy VDI experience reduced hardware costs for desktop computers, and new users can be deployed more quickly than provisioning individual laptops or desktop computers. All the infrastructure is centralized. With the A2K partnership, your users and desktops will be supported by experts who essentially become your outsourced helpdesk.

For more information about Desktop-as-a-Service, please visit or call 800-840-7533.