Cynet Announces CISO Challenge

Cynet has announced the 2021 CISO Challenge for cybersecurity team leaders in order to validate their knowledge and understanding of real-world security topics ranging from basic to advanced — including more precarious scenarios confronting organizations today.

Applicants may enter the challenge at the highest scoring entrant in the contest receiving USD $5,000.

For the 2021 CISO Challenge, Cynet has summoned a group of senior CISOs, experts and researchers to develop this all-new test of advanced cybersecurity skills. The competition on the website will remain open for two weeks, during which time anyone can sign up and attempt to answer the questions, which vary from basic to increasingly sophisticated.

There will be a total of 25 questions, with each one based on real-world scenarios, rather than simple trivia. Questions will cover compliance and regulation, risk assessment and management measurements and metrics, threat and vulnerability management, as well as scenarios and ethical considerations that most InfoSec leaders face in the field.

The challenge commences on May 5h at 8 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and closes on May 21st at 11:59 pm (EDT). The website will remain open after the contest for anyone to test their knowledge, though not for a prize.

It’s is designed to be a fun way for security leaders to better understand their level of knowledge and discover what gaps, if any, they have in their command of cybersecurity leadership. Because this is a competitive event, it will allow contestants to see how they perform relative to others who have accepted the challenge. The USD $5,000 grand prize will be presented at the end of the contest.

Cynet is responding to the industry’s need for greater collaboration and support for CISOs at sub-Fortune 2000 organizations. The CISO Challenge is designed for infosecurity leaders at organizations where the threats are significant, but resources are limited and require higher levels of automation to ensure successful and efficient operations.