Cox Mobile Reveals Commitment to Converged Future

Cox Communications’ new mobile phone service, Cox Mobile, is introducing the company’s long-term convergence and connectivity strategy alongside other business updates this week during Mobile World Congress.

Under Cox’s converged vision, customers will be able to combine Cox Mobile and Cox Internet based on their individual connectivity needs and experience increased affordability, enhanced features, and improved performance. Official timing is not announced, but customers can expect to see the first converged offers in the next few months.

“Our long-term convergence strategy will provide an affordable connected experience for customers at home or on the move with all the speed and reliability they expect from their trusted connectivity provider,” said Mark Lawson, executive vice president and chief marketing and sales officer of Cox Communications. “It’s important that our customers have access to converged connectivity plans designed to fit their needs and budgets.”

Beyond combined offers, Cox’s convergence team is exploring long-term solutions to enhance customers’ converged experience in and outside the home, including:

  • Leveraging wireless as a consumer safety net during outages
  • Prioritized speeds for converged customers
  • Continuous improvements to the wireless and Wi-Fi transition, ensuring it’s seamless, automatic, and secure so customers save money without sacrificing performance or security.

Announcement details will be revealed during the company’s Converge with Cox Mobile media event at MWC this week, where Cox Mobile and Convergence leaders will participate in a panel to discuss:

  • The company’s connectivity evolution and long-term convergence strategy
  • New and upcoming additions to Cox Mobile’s device portfolio
  • Relevant industry trends coming straight from MWC

Cox Mobile announced its successful launch in Cox markets nationwide earlier this year. With unlimited talk and text and no term agreements, customers have access to two simple data plans– Pay As You Gig and Gig Unlimited. Customers also have access to the network with unbeatable 5G reliability, as well as the ability to stay connected with Cox Internet at home and with more than 4 million of Cox’s on-the-go Wi-Fi hotspots.

Customers interested in learning more about Cox Mobile can visit their nearest Cox retail store, go directly to, call 1-800-234-3993.