Corsa Security Updates its Orchestrator

Corsa Security, a leader in automating network security virtualization, has updated its Corsa Security Orchestrator, a virtual infrastructure manager for deploying, scaling and optimizing on-premise virtual firewalls. The Orchestrator now integrates credit-based licensing from firewall vendors, which allows customers to use firewall credits through scaling and adjusting for capacity surges.

Combined with the pay-as-you-grow model Corsa Security already offers, this provides return on investment with 24 times faster deployment and 9 times lower total cost of ownership compared to on-premise hardware firewalls and DIY virtualization. The complete Corsa Security analysis can be found here.

The Corsa Security Orchestrator helps customers save more than 78 percent when they deploy virtual on-premises firewalls instead of hardware and eliminates the up-front CAPEX of physical firewalls. It scales up firewalls when and if needed, re-allocating credits and vCPUs, removing the need for users to predict future capacity needs. And its new UI, simplifies the management of virtual firewalls by providing a single, intuitive dashboard and zero‑touch operations.

“Over the past several months, we have been listening to our customers about the ongoing challenges they face in trying to replace their on-premises physical firewalls with virtual ones that quickly scale,” explained Carolyn Raab, chief product officer at Corsa Security. “Our updated Corsa Security Orchestrator solves many of these issues and our integration of firewall credit licensing goes one step further to address the core concerns around cost and scalability.”

Additional Corsa Security Orchestrator features include:

  • a single UI to deploy, scale and optimize on-premises virtual firewalls that are hosted on local commodity servers
  • a dynamic and aggregated view of all virtual firewalls and the infrastructure while allowing customers to use their existing firewall policy managers
  • built-in workflows to make it simple to add virtual firewalls, adjust existing ones, or re-allocate server or firewall resources
  • current resource utilization so it can make recommendations on best allocation in the context of the entire set of virtual firewalls
  • consolidated summary of the overall health of the infrastructure, including recent events

More information about the Corsa Security Orchestrator can be found here.