ControlUp’s Employee Experience Platform Delivers Work-from-Anywhere Promise

ControlUp, a leader in digital experience monitoring and optimization, has launched its expanded ControlUp solution that includes visibility into local connectivity issues and physical endpoints, in addition to virtual work environments to maximize productivity for today’s distributed workforce.

New insight into local connectivity and end point device performance brings the work from anywhere digital experience to the next level.

“ControlUp, which previously monitored virtualized work environments now provides the same level of real-time reliable data for 100 percent of work environments, including Windows, Apple, and Linux desktops”, said Yoni Avital, COO and co-founder at ControlUp. “Now system administrators can visualize their entire remote work landscape in a unified platform, ensuring that employees have a superior digital experience wherever they work. These new capabilities are building on our latest growth surge monitoring twice as many sessions since the COVID-19 outbreak.”

The ControlUp Ultimate platform now includes:

  • ControlUp Edge DX – the same level of real-time detailed data provided for virtual environments is now available for Windows-, Mac, Linux, and IGEL-based physical endpoints.
  • ControlUp Remote DX – end-to-end visibility into the employee digital experience, regardless of their location, by monitoring local network performance, including Wi-Fi strength and speed, as well as user device ISP connectivity measurements.
  • ControlUp Scoutbees – continuous synthetic transaction testing that proactively alerts IT of issues related to the availability and performance of applications, desktops and network resources. The solution allows IT Operations teams to quickly identify the cause of any problems and address them before user productivity is impacted.
  • ControlUp SOLVE – the overall health of the user computing (EUC) environment—end to end—visualized on a single dashboard in real time, including the ability to drill down to see detailed metrics for a particular aspect of the infrastructure, all the way down to the users’ session process level. “

The work-from-anywhere enterprise has created new strains on IT departments challenged to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity. The number of locations that need to be monitored has grown, sometimes from five to 10 offices to thousands of homes that often have spotty internet coverage, lacking the connectivity needed to support business applications.

ControlUp’s employee experience platform gives IT departments the best view available into the performance and latency of local networks and Wi-Fi to monitor and optimize the employee’s digital experience, even from home.