CommunityWFM Expands Community Everywhere Mobile App 

CommunityWFM, a leader in providing unified, cloud-based workforce management (WFM) solutions for contact centers, has expanded its trademarked Community Everywhere mobile app to extend the reach and value of the CommunityWFM solution.

Once built primarily for agent use, the latest version debuts an entirely new experience for contact center supervisors. Based on system settings within CommunityWFM, the app determines whether the supervisor or agent experience is displayed for the end user.

“Improving supervisor and agent communication has become an important area of focus for contact centers. Both groups have the same desire to work better and more efficiently through the mobile functionality of a WFM app,” said Daryl Gonos, CEO of CommunityWFM. “The Community Everywhere app now meets the mobile-first needs of supervisors the same way it has successfully met the mobile demands of agents for many years.”

The latest functionality lets supervisors remotely view employee adherence and daily shift information, increasing visibility into the agent’s work status, including if the agent is working, taking a break, or conducting a phone call. This improves contact center efficiency by ensuring that agents stay on task from any location.

Supervisors also can adjust schedules and check-ins remotely and mark agents as late or absent through drag-and-drop functionality from wherever they are. Scheduling requests and changes are real-time, allowing supervisors to review and approve time off requests from their mobile devices.

To elevate internal communication while keeping conversations relevant to targeted audiences, supervisors can reach their agents through the app with important messages on the channels they prefer and send messages to a single agent, a group, or the entire team. Supervisors choose custom notifications for each message via email, text, mobile push and more.

For tablet users, the app experience is more robust, as the larger screen size allows for more visual components to be displayed, including graphs, charts, and other information within specific sections of the app. Supervisors can monitor more data when reviewing schedules and adherence.

The Community Everywhere mobile app is available in the Android App Store and the Apple App Store. To learn more about CommunityWFM, visit