Comcast Unveils Mobile Business Services

Comcast Business has begun to promote a mobile product focused on small and midsized business customers. The company now operates a website dedicated to the new mobile offering for SMBs and has begun to send mailers to existing business voice and broadband customers about Comcast Business Mobile.

Considering Comcast already has more than 30 million broadband customers in the United States, the Comcast Business mobile service would seem to have significant relevance in the WFH space.

“Enjoy coverage on the fastest, most reliable network, with nationwide 5G, plus access to millions of secure Wi-Fi hot spots nationwide. You’ll help keep busy teams productive, wherever the day takes them,” says the service’s website.

Similar to the Xfinity Mobile service for Comcast’s residential broadband customers, the new offering for SMBs include By the Gig and Unlimited Data options. Both options for SMBs allow up to ten lines, and the ability to mix and match those lines between By the Gig and Unlimited. Those customers can also pick from compatible smartphones and tablets or bring their own devices “with no term contract required for mobile service.”

By the Gig offers shared data at rates of 1GB for $15 per month, 3GB for $30 per month and 10 GB for $60 per month. And Unlimited Data offers unlimited data for $45 per month per line. However, speeds drop after the customer uses 20 GB of data per month.

What’s different about Comcast’s Business Mobile service is that it doesn’t require the customer to also be a Comcast broadband customer. Current customers will receive a price advantage through bundling, but there is no requirement as there is with the Xfinity consumer mobile plans.

Both the residential and business services rely on Comcast’s MVNO agreement with Verizon and tie in prioritized access to Comcast’s Wi-Fi network. Comcast Business Mobile also could conceivably integrate future wireless networks that take advantage of the 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum that Comcast acquired via FCC auction last fall.