Cloud Conventions’ Venue Integrates with Teams

Venue from Cloud Conventions is a virtual/hybrid event platform that now integrates Microsoft Teams to deliver live sessions or keynotes using Teams Meetings or Events video conferencing.

Venue is a self-managed, year-round virtual destination to host virtual and hybrid events, create online communities, engage customers and remote workers, and produce live and on-demand training, certifications, and education.

“Integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to take advantage of licenses they already own and the service they use every day,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey Services, parent company of Cloud Conventions. “Teams integration was one our highest priorities since they are the market leader for corporate meetings with millions of users worldwide. Adding Teams to the Venue platform creates a universal solution to build online communities, engage customers and employees, offer training or market to prospects.”

Individuals register to attend the session powered by Microsoft Teams, add it to their calendar and receive automated email reminders.

Venue ensures that only logged in attendees or site members can access a Teams session from the Venue platform and cannot share credentials with others. Venue offers the option of selecting Teams, Zoom or BlueJeans by Verizon to provide integrated video meeting, webinar and broadcast solutions for live sessions, webinars, streaming programs, or workshops.

“Session management is one of Venue’s most important features,” added Bradfield. “Automating registration ensures that attendees schedule sessions on their calendars and are reminded to attend with secure and easy access in Venue. Using existing Teams licenses not only helps the moderator run sessions more efficiently, but it also reduces overall platform cost.”

Benefits of Cloud Conventions Venue

  • Ease of Use – No programming or production expertise is required to brand, customize, or manage the platform.
  • Templates – Pre-configured templates reduce setup time for single or multi-day hybrid events, online and continuing education (CE) programs, or year-round engagement.
  • Unlimited Events – Monthly and annual plans allow subscribers to host as many events as needed inside the platform without paying per-event fees.
  • Content Hosting – Sophisticated content hosting creates interactive online resource centers.
  • Improved ROI – Sponsors elevate their brand and showcase capabilities and products inside feature-rich virtual booths with expanded promotional opportunities.
  • Video Options – Use Teams, Zoom or BlueJeans by Verizon for interactive or broadcast sessions with automated setup, simplified attendance, and tracking.
  • Registration – Use built-in registration or integrations with Cvent, Experient, MCI or RegFox services for both free or paid attendance.
  • Engagement – Smart meetings, discussion forums, searchable directories, chat messaging, and gamification enhance engagement.
  • Video-on-Demand (VOD) – Sophisticated capabilities provide access to prerecorded content and sessions with tracking of participant views.
  • Outreach – Automated message library delivers site and custom emails, reminders, and newsletters.
  • Announcements – Site wide announcements inform participants, while one-on-one or group messaging drives conversations.
  • Advanced Analytics – Every action on the platform is tracked with detailed reporting. Full compliance with GDPR, CCPA and ADA.

Venue can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription with professional services available to support event strategy, provide platform customization or moderate broadcast sessions. A free 14-day trial is available to explore features and Microsoft Teams capabilities.

Learn more about Venue at: Explore all of the Cloud Conventions solutions at to sign up for a free 14-day trial.