Citrix Wrike Unveils New Cloud Content Connector

The Wrike work-management platform, which is now part of Citrix, announced at SXSW 2022 the release of the new Cloud Content Connector. This offering integrates digital asset management (DAM) systems with Wrike, allowing teams to create a single, seamless workflow, from asset creation to publishing.

“The way we work has shifted dramatically, triggering the expansion of cloud-based tools and inundating creative and marketing teams with multiple disconnected solutions,” says Esther Flammer, Head of Wrike Marketing at Citrix. “As a result, teams are up against increased barriers, reduced visibility, and wasted time and effort. Wrike is committed to freeing teams from these work complexities so they can collaborate, create, and exceed. With the launch of Cloud Content Connector, teams can seamlessly integrate their favorite DAM solution with Wrike, so there are no interruptions in workflows, increasing efficiency, productivity, and creativity.”

Cloud Content Connector is a universal API that enables Wrike to integrate with any DAM system of a customer’s choice. Once connected, a two-way sync is enabled so teams can manage work in their DAM solution and Wrike simultaneously. Unlike other work management platforms with a native DAM-lite solution or limited DAM integrations, Wrike’s Cloud Content Connector is DAM-agnostic and allows teams to integrate with multiple solutions/DAM platforms. It also pairs with Wrike’s proofing feature and does not require a complicated setup.

With assets flowing freely and securely between Wrike as a work execution hub and DAM systems, customers can power their end-to-end creative process in a single place. This eases the search for assets in any stage of production, and teams can rest assured that they are accessing the most up-to-date versions. By eliminating app toggling and version control issues, teams can focus more on creativity and getting campaigns to market faster.

Additionally, Wrike launched its integration with ShareFile, available through Cloud Content Connector. ShareFile is a secure file sharing and transfer service for businesses. With this new integration, Wrike is streamlining content-based workflows like RFPs and M&As by putting them in a dynamic work structure. This allows ShareFile users to maintain efficiency and alignment on documents, all within Wrike.

Wrike DAM partners include MediaValet, Bynder, and Tenovos.