Citrix, Microsoft Bring New Integrations to Windows 365

Today’s employees want to work from anywhere using any device and expect a streamlined, high-definition experience that allows them to perform at their best. Citrix Systems Inc. and Microsoft can deliver it.

Citrix is working with Microsoft on an offering that combines Citrix’s high-definition user experience (HDX) technology, robust IT policy control and ecosystem flexibility with Windows 365, offering IT administrators streamlined Citrix user licensing and employees a seamless switch to Citrix clients through Microsoft Endpoint Manager and

“Work today is all about flexibility and choice,” said Carisa Stringer, VP of Product Marketing, Citrix. “Together, Citrix and Microsoft can provide a new generation of Citrix and Windows 365 users with easy access to the apps and data they need to work when, where and how they choose, leveraging familiar Citrix interfaces and client capabilities.”

Citrix and Microsoft have worked together for more than three decades to help companies accelerate their digital transformations and power better ways to work, and Citrix is now on the list of Windows 365 Approved Partners.

Building on Windows 365’s core value of securely streaming personalized apps, content and settings from the Microsoft cloud to any device, and Citrix’s strength in virtualization technologies, the joint solution enables IT to deliver an enhanced work experience on Cloud PCs that:

  • Allows employees to switch to Citrix clients through
  • Optimizes voice and video performance for multimedia applications
  • Provides a high-definition, interactive experience across a broad range of endpoint devices and peripherals
  • Applies granular policy controls to enhance security and protect corporate data
  • Integrates with third-party identity solutions

“Microsoft and Citrix are committed to delivering solutions that empower our customers to advance the future of work,” said Wangui McKelvey, GM Microsoft 365, Microsoft. “This new integration brings together the power of Windows 365 Cloud PCs and the flexibility of Citrix high-definition user experience technology for a more seamless experience for our joint customers via the cloud.”

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