CGT Staffing Meets Cybersecurity Talent Shortage with vCISO Services

Security risk management has become a staple business concern for modern enterprises of all sizes. Given the present shift to remote work and the prevailing threat of invasive security breaches, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are in high demand. However, there is already a shortage of qualified CISOs in the market. Moreover, for many companies, the expense of a full-time CISO is prohibitive and often leaves them particularly vulnerable to destructive cyber threats.

CGT Staffing understands the challenges manifested by the current talent shortage and the pressing need to attract and retain talent on a limited budget.

“Safeguarding the infrastructure needed to keep an organization viable should be more than a question of budgeting for it or not,” said Bill Welge, President and CEO.

For organizations unable to afford an in-house CISO, or even those who struggle to manage their IT systems internally, a vCISO is a viable, economical, and practical solution to a dilemma that all businesses increasingly face.

“Our experts’ experience in identifying gaps in existing cybersecurity infrastructure, and subsequently developing revised security protocol, is expansive, and often for clients of notable reputation and scale across many industries,” explained Welge.

The team at CGT Staffing believes strongly that protecting business-critical information should not simply be constrained by hiring budgets. Through its vCISO services, CGT Staffing empowers clients of all sizes to take ownership of their cybersecurity needs and vulnerabilities, and develop a lasting plan for long-term protection. This is doubly true for businesses without the flexibility to afford a full-time Chief Security Officer.

“As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of managing budgets,” said Welge, “but cybersecurity is too big a variable for any business to ignore. Our goal is to deliver a premium service while allowing our clients to determine how expansive they desire our vCISO’s involvement to be.”